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The Truth

Most patients seek solutions for symptoms like pain, inflammation and muscle spasms or imbalances.  Our office seeks to provide solutions for the cause of the symptoms.  While semantical, the difference is profound.  Relieving pain, inflammation and muscle spasms does not address the problem that caused the pain, inflammation and muscle spasms any more than turning the fire alarm off puts out the fire.  If you had a rock in your show, would you take a pain killer or remove the rock?  Obvious choices once you understand the problem, however, most patients and doctors confuse the issue.

We help our patients understand their body, empowering them to improve their quality of life for the rest of their life.  In a world of escalating healthcare (pronounced "sickcare") costs, it is become increasingly important to understand wellness and employ strategies that ensure your body's ability to get and stay well.  Centered on the 5 F.E.A.T.S. and based on the latest research studies, our hope and goal for every one of our patients, regardless of age is to help ensure that they live richer, fuller lives so that the end of their life can be spent in their home and not a home- which can make all the difference.  

For Women-Before Pregnancy

Most women share the ultimate goal of a natural, healthy pregnancy. Understanding that there are a number of incredibly impactful decisions that need to be addressed both before and during pregnancy, we don't know why a woman would not get checked and adjusted during pregnancy. Our office works hand in hand with the mom to establish and foster normal, healthy, critical decisions regarding eating, moving, sleeping, breathing, connecting with the baby, relieving stress, creating a birth plan, and attending the right birth classes best suited to fulfilling the mom's ideal birth.

Our goal is to give the birth experience back to the mothers, to help them understand that this is the most special, magical, sacred time of their lives. The decisions they make not only affect them but can directly impact their children and even their grandchildren. Decisions regarding exercise, nutrition, sleep, and stress are just the tip of the iceberg. We help moms find the right doctors to deliver their baby, not just anyone be the best offices capable of fulfilling a mother's wish list. What kind of pregnancy and birth do you want to have? Do you want a natural childbirth? Do you want a water birth? Should you wait to cut the umbilical cord? Do you want to breastfeed and bond with your baby immediately? Do you want to send your baby to the nursery or "room in"? These are the very questions we want to answer with our patients. These are the very questions you should be discussing with your doctor. These are the very questions that matter most!