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Welcome to Coombs Chiropractic!

Please feel free to explore our website for a variety of health and wellness information.  It is our pleasure to welcome your entire family to Coombs Chiropractic.  We are located in Pt. Pleasant, NJ and provide chiropractic care for patients throughout Ocean and Monmouth County.  Dr. Rob Coombs maintains advanced certifications in an array of techniques providing specialized care for pregnant moms, turning breech babies, newborn babies, high performance athletes, weekend warriors and the most senior of citizens.  The philosophy of our practice is to provide family wellness and empower individuals to make healthier decision for the entire family.  Dr. Rob is dedicated to helping you achieve all of your wellness objectives by teaching and practicing the true principles of the chiropractic spectrum.

Patients Seeking Care
Patients seeking care at Coombs Chiropractic are assured of receiving only the finest quality services using modern chiropractic techniques.  Our practice maintains a 93% referral rating because we are genuinely concerned for our patients' well-being and want to help provide all of our patients with the knowledge and education to live a better life. Dr. Rob will give you the information needed to eat better, think better, move better, and live better!  By seeking chiropractic care, you will be investing into your future and better able to make healthy decisions over the course of your life.

The Nature of the Problem
From hello, we let our patients know that our first responsibility is helping families live richer, fuller lives with the ultimate goal of lifelong wellness.  While we are all ultimately responsible for our own health, most people do nothing to address it until they experience a crisis.  This is why our society is as sick as it is today.  The United States consumes 75% of the medication in the world, but still ranks 39th out of 41 industrialized countries for overall health.  This, by definition, means we are doing something fundamentally wrong in caring for our health!  Our practice is built on the understanding that what you eat, how you move and what you think are critical ingredients to your health and overall wellness.

Living a Wellness Lifestyle
When you are interested in living a wellness lifestyle, please invest some time discovering our approach to family wellness care. You can start your journey by subscribing to our award winning newsletter, visiting our Facebook page, or perusing our website.   For those of you who are already subscribers, please explore the member wellness section for more articles, resources, and wellness information.

It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

For more information, contact us at: 732-899-9600

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